Berry Finder; Miller, Dorcas


Enjoy learning how to identify berries with this guide from celebrated author Dorcas Miller. With this handy, easy-to-use book, you’ll be able to identify a wide variety of berries in no time. And its small size makes it just right for fitting in a pocket or pack when you go for a hike.


  • Refers to all fleshy fruits as “berries,” whether they are drupes, pomes, accessory fruits, aggregates, or true berries.
  • Includes native species as well as some cultivated species that have escaped to the wild
  • Helps you identify plants with fleshy fruit 1 inch in diameter or smaller, found in Eastern North America.
  • Describes ripe fruits, as most unripe fruits are green or white, and many turn several colors before maturing

Note that this is a plant identification book, not a guide to edible plants.

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