NCBG Seeds River oats


Native to streambanks and moist woods in the eastern half of the country, river-oats is the ideal plant to provide grassy texture in a shady spot where few grasses will grow. This species, also called inland sea-oats, offers handsome, waist-high foliage and is easy to grow in shade or (with adequate moisture) sun, but its real attraction is the gracefully arching stems with many pendulous seedheads. Fully formed by midsummer, the seedheads turn a rich golden-tan in the fall and are useful for flower arrangements. In fact, it is a good idea to remove the seedheads before they ripen to prevent heavy self-sowing into the garden. 1994 N.C. Wildflower of the Year. The Chasmanthium genus supports up to 7 lepidoptera species.

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