Hehenberger River


A Community of Artists Explores the Meaning of Nature. From birthplace to endpoint, from mountains to sea, rivers take us away. They nourish us, quench us, provide for our needs and wants, and lead us home. Like no other body of water, the river is closest to us. We place our houses beside their shores, and build our bridges across them. We cast our lines into them, and float within their easy or challenging current. We cannot do without them. The river that what each of us uses in our mind’s eye is different. It may be a long, lazy ribbon of dark water, or a sparkling, clear torrent down a mountainside. We may see a wide and deep, liquid avenue that curves around a bend in the distance, or a comfortable, grassy bank in the afternoon sun. Or perhaps we see ourselves within the river swimming from rushing shallows to rest in a quiet pool.

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